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While office work isnt for everyone, many clerical jobs provide benefits that appeal to a lot of young professionals. The pay is decent, the requirements are low, and you leave the work behind when you clock out at the end of the day. There are also plenty of job opportunities because they're required across numerous industries and thanks to high turnover rates.

How Much Do Clerical Jobs Pay?

The amount of money you make in this line of work depends on your position and what industry you're in. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual secretary and administrative assistant salary is $37,870. General office clerks make an average of $31,500 per year.

What Qualifications Do Clerical Jobs Require?

A college degree is always a plus, but you typically only need a high school diploma for entry-level positions. Most admin clerical jobs train you at work, so you don't need a background in similar occupations to qualify. Of course, you do have to familiarize yourself with telephone operation, paperwork filing, and professional communication with your co-workers. Life experience, people skills and a good work ethic will get you far.

Some bookkeeping and accounting positions may require extra qualifications, as these clerical jobs require a good knowledge of local laws regarding employees, taxes and the benefits that can be appliedthem.

Work-Life Balance

Many professionals benefit from being able to take work home with them. This can, however, put a strain on their home life if they fail to manage their time properly. Most administrative assistant jobs dont have this option due to the nature of the work, but it can make it easier to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Employment Opportunities

Since there are clerical jobs in almost every industry, you aren't bound to only one type of work environment. Education and healthcare are the leading employers of office clerks and administrative assistants, but you can also find work at schools, hotels, law firms, nonprofit organizations and government offices. Job numbers should remain fairly flat, so there will be opportunities as people leave the profession.

Clerical jobs can be very rewarding. They're a great source of steady income while giving you enough time to live your life and focus on your hobbies.

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